As you are all aware last season the club installed a barrier around the pitch and made required building alterations to the changing room facilities. This came at a high cost to club funds

The installation of the barrier has however given us an excellent opportunity to sell advertising space around the pitch.

Those that attend the ground have seen a few advertising banners already in place.

The aim of the club is to fill as many ‘barrier spaces’ with advertising as possible. We have 142 advertising spaces to sell

The cost is only £50 per season. The initial £50 basically covers the cost of producing the banner with a small amount of profit for the club. Next season however if the sponsor renews his agreement the £50 will be all profit.

Gary Ricketts has taken on the job of trying to sell as many ‘advertising spaces’ as possible.

If you know of any businesses that would like to take advantage of this brilliant offer can you pass their details to Gary on the following email address.

Remember the cost of running three teams is high and everyone needs to help out where possible.

If you are able to secure the sponsorship yourself please do so and Gary will follow-up with a call to sort out artwork and the required advertising content.

If you don’t feel you can ask for money just tell the potential sponsor that Gary will be in touch.

All we need is an introduction to the business and Gary will do the rest.

Up The Redskins