As the keener ones and regular visitors amongst you will have noticed our website has been undergoing some changes during the close season. The clever bits are done by Matt Tancock for which I am eternally grateful.  My job is to inform, create a link with the Press, Vice Presidents and hopefully entertain whilst maintaining a first class professional and appropriate website for all which befits our club.

The site is constantly being updated and improved in order to provide more information and better communication.  There is much to do.

Please can I refer you to the tabs at the top of the home page where you will find all about us. Also please take time to review our excellent sponsors page via the tab with a rolling slideshow of all our sponsors logos.

Ongoing I am currently updating our photo gallery and players profiles for you to identify those that give up their time to represent our club on and off the pitch. This takes time as you probably appreciate but I am working hard to get it done in the next few weeks. Yes I do have a life!!!

If any one has any ideas or requests for posts or features please contact me via the details on the contacts page.

Training tonight at The Rec where I will get more player information and images of our new kit which I am hoping Alan and Lee will be unveiling complete with logos.

Enjoy the weather but keep an eye on the website, amazing number of vistors to it so far since March, next target 20,000.