You probably think that nothing is going on at the club during winter/level 4/ Lockdown 2 etc – you’d be wrong.
Pitch Maintenance.
Mike Clements & Nick Taplin took it upon themselves to investigate the unusual flooding pattern on the far side of the pitch. This causes us problems every winter when we have to cancel games even though most of the pitch is perfectly playable but there are areas that seem to flood and stay flooded for weeks on end. With help from others (never more than 2 at a time, socially distanced and as part of their exercise regime) they have checked old drainage systems, some dating back to the 1950’s, and even added some new ones to try to improve things. It seems that, contrary to what we thought, the old systems are clear and running well and our battle is with an impenetrable clay base in this area of the pitch. We shall overcome, extra drainage is being installed and we’re going to increase our VertiDrain regime.

DBS Certificates

Thanks to some dogged determination by Bully and Dan Burnett we now understand why it’s been so difficult to get our managers their DBS certificates. The FA have changed the procedure without telling anyone leaving us all blaming each other for the delays we’ve suffered. Now we know our way around the system and our Welfare Officer Jordan Lovatt is better informed the additional certificates we need will soon be rolling off the printer!
Whilst some clubs are struggling with their funding with bars and tea stalls closed and nobody buying scratch cards or raffle tickets we can confirm that our funds are ‘holding up nicely’ thank you. We continue to be ‘blessed’ with the contributions we receive regularly from our Vice Presidents, made up of ex-players, supporters and friends of the club, most of who pay a small amount monthly which all adds up to a very important part of our income.

A big thanks must go to Sam Clements who has introduced and administers Last Man Standing an App based football competition that has become a fun part of our fundraising. This popular competition is played by most of the players as well as family and friends of the club and involves looking for a winning Premiership club each week. For this to be successful we don’t need to be playing or even meeting up regularly as long as the Premier league is operating we’re in business and in each session (5 or 6 a season) somebody wins £200! Everyone is welcome, ask anyone at the club for the Link and join us!
Apart from this our income is down but we are also spending a lot less with things as they are. Of course we can’t wait to get the go ahead from the FA to get all 4 teams back playing again once the figures are better and everyone’s safe.
We are delighted to hear that the Parish Council have worked tirelessly with the Sports & Social Club and a new lease has been agreed for the building we’re pleased to call our clubhouse. This means that once we’re back on track we can start, once again, to offer hospitality to visiting teams. Oh how we long for a bar packed with both teams and supporters enjoying a drink together as we watch Final Score on the TV and wait for Finchey’s award winning ‘Joke of the Day’
Roll on.