On Saturday the Bristol Rovers owner, Mr Wael Al -Qadi, had the privilege and great honour of meeting Wrington Redhills’ very own CEO,Mr John Clements.

Sources close to Mr Al Qadi stated that ‘ He has been like an excited child all week. He really can’t believe he will soon be meeting his idol’

The meeting was arranged by a local Jordanian taxi driver who mentioned is passing to Mr Al-Qadi that he knew our illustrious CEO.

John attended the Memorial Stadium on Saturday and said, ‘Coming from the massive Wrington Redhill set up to this quaint little ground puts it all into perspective for me.  If they work hard in 5 or 6 years they could have what we have at ‘The Rec’.

The two men spoke at length about all things football. John was heard to say ‘If you want to speak to me after the game I have a good contact for cheap match balls and I can show you the way to forge players signatures on singing on forms. I even helped that  Sam Allardyce with a few short cuts regarding ‘third party player ownership’ but he’s not got back to me on how that went?

It was clear that Mr Al-Qadi was impressed with our CEO as he slipped away early from the match.It was indeed fortunate that our CEO knew the registration number of Mr Al-Qadi’s car as he was momentarily held at a set of gates before leaving the ground and that allowed our CEO to jump in and continue giving much-needed advice on the running of a successful football club.

The CEO then persuaded the driver to attend The Plough PH in Wrington where Mr Al-Quadi marvelled at the local people and their numerous local customs as they drank long into the night.

The CEO now 9 pints on was his usual hilarious self and on several occasions was heard to say to Mr Al-Qadi.

‘I really, really love you (Hic)

The evening drew to a close and it was clear that Mr Al -Qadi had indeed been fortunate to spend over 10 hours in the company of our CEO. Mr Al-Qadi had clearly had a great evening and humourously was trying to ‘self harm’ himself with a plastic knife.

As Mr Al Qadi’s car sped away and a happy CEO said. ‘I think i did the club proud today……He then swayed slightly, fell over a flower-pot and fell fast asleep in The Plough’s flowerbed.

A great man indeed.