Monday 7th September 2015 will be a day long remembered by top cook Marco Pierre White (MPW). For this was the day MPW met Wrington Redhill Club Chairman Nick Finch.

MPW was held spellbound as Finch regaled the cook with stories of his footballing achievements. True it only took him 20 seconds to cover it but it was clear that MPW was completely engrossed and hung on Finchs’ every word.

MPW ventured an opinion or two on football and it was lovely to see the way Finch encouraged the youngster to have his view even though Finch clearly thought that MPW had no idea what he was talking about. Finch was later overheard to say.  ‘ That could have been me 10 years ago and I like to encourage people and make them feel valued’.

As the meeting went on MPW listened intently as Finch critiqued MPW latest cook book . Finch helpfully pointed out that there were no sections on toast or baked beans.

Finch also asked searching and in-depth cookery questions that left the cook speechless in admiration. My personal favourite being, ‘What is the optimum time for an Iceland pizza to be left in the microwave?’

It was clear that MPW was impressed with this as he was overheard to say to Nick Taplin ‘ Is this man really your Chairman?’

A smiling and proud Taplin confirmed this to on reflection a rather bemused looking MPW.

Then in what surely must have been a personal highlight for MPW the magnanimous Finch offered to sign MPW new cook book for him. A clearly overwhelmed MPW politely refused. His actual response could not quite be caught by the writer but his two bodyguards had to hold him down as he was no doubt about to fall at the feet of Chairman Finch in gratitude of this offer.

As the 20 minute meeting came to a close Finch summoned some of the Wrington Redhill playing staff for one last photo that MPW could keep as a souvenier of his time spent with this remarkable man.

Finch later said ‘I like to give back to my public and it’s only a few minutes of my time. I didn’t want Marco leaving thinking I was a bit of a c**k by not offering him some memento of our meeting’

Clearly a day that will live long in the memory of the lucky,lucky MPW.

Up The Redskins