Chairman Nick Finch and his fellow Directors are proud to announce that the club has just obtained ‘Charitable Status’

Nick’s announcement can be found below together with a synopsis of the advantages of gaining this valuable status.

‘Ladies & gentlemen I am very pleased to announces that Wrington Redhill FC has been granted Charitable Status. This is another major step forward in the development & progression of this Football Club. Make no mistake about this,this is an Historic moment for all connected with the Club.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Steve & Isobel Porter for their time, professionalism and commitment to this project and seeing it through to a successful conclusion. The whole club is very, very grateful to you both’.

Charities have more tax advantages than
Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs).
Local Authority business rate relief of at
least 80 per cent is available, with some
Local Authorities giving 100 per cent relief.
Gift Aid can be claimed on donations
from individuals to the club (but not on
membership fees).
Even if your club doesn’t own its own
facility, it can still benefit from Gift Aid.
Gift Aid means the Government adds
28.5p to every £1 received as a donation
to a charity.
Charities have full exemption from tax
on profits that they may make from
their membership fees, bank interest or
investment income. Gift aid can be claimed
on donations from companies as well as
donations from individuals. Local authority
business rate relief is the same as for CASCs,
and there is similarly no inheritance tax
payable on legacies left to charities.
People are more willing to fundraise for
a charity, and charities are allowed to
run certain types of lottery and other
fundraising activities that are banned or
licensed for non-charities