Today’s Triathlon was a great success, all those taking part had a brilliant day, that’s (in no particular order) Max Brean, Jeff & Reggie Neck, Jason Eaton, Sam & Ollie Clements, Joe Moore, Whitey, Bradders,Ethan Johnson, Hilly, Cheese. Kevin Burgess, Callum Briggs, Scott Gallagher, Flynny, Dutch. Callum Vickery and Browner. Special thanks must go as ever to our friends and brilliant sponsors Nick and Rachel Taplin and Jason Eaton from the Cadbury who not only allowed us to use their facilities but then provided the hot dogs and burgers back at the club. A 10k spin followed by a 1k swim (both in the luxurious facilities at The Club, Yatton) followed by a gentle 5k jog back to the club was enjoyed by some more than others! Thanks to all those who took part got sponsored and raised a great deal of money for the club. After much debate Ethan Johnson was declared the winner of the event. A special mention should go to Max Brean standing in for his dad and father and son Jeff and Reggie who were the oldest and youngest taking part. Reggie’s mum and a group of her pals have promised that there will be a good female presence at next year’s event, can’t wait!

This year’s winner!
Youngest and oldest at this year’s event.
The white Usain