New 3rd team manager is delighted to announce Dan Burnett as captain of the new Wrington Redhill A team.
McMullen states that is was a ‘no brainer’ appointment once it came to light that it might be possible.
Dan has all the key characteristics required of a captain. He will lead by example both on and off the field, giving his absolute all on the pitch and offering guidance to all off of it. He is also a village boy through and through which will help install the club beliefs throughout the side. Dan also has many years left in him meaning this is an appointment that will hopefully see the A team right for a good few seasons with Dan overseeing a new squad flourish and hopefully turn into a solid and successful team unit.
The only slight consideration McMullen had in making the appointment was the acknowledgement that Dan’s abilities and experience will inevitably see him needed in higher teams in the club hierarchy throughout the season, with him being part of 1st team squads in previous years, but this is a small price to pay for having such a character and leader as part of this new project.
If the other 10 players on the pitch show even half the commitment and loyalty that Dan will throughout the season, the future will be bright for the A team.
Welcome aboard skip.