Open Letter from our Chairman Nick Finch

‘I would like to extend my and the committees sincere thanks to our friends at Plantforce  for their fantastic support & practical help during our ground upgrading schedule . Without this help we would quite simply  have been facing a Herculean task . We are indeed fortunate to have such a friendly , knowledgeable and thoroughly professional organisation bringing their expertise  to our cause “

I would also like to extend a personal ‘thank you’ to David Hunt who’s help and expertise  with this project has been simply invaluable and once again we are sincerely grateful to you my friend ,

I have been enormously humbled & impressed by the sheer bloody mindedness of people in this club to get this project completed.

To boil it down in time, it has taken 17 hours from first plumb line to last bag of  rubbish  being cleared away to complete this magnificent erection .

There are numerous people to thank and if I miss anyone please accept my apologies in advance so here goes.

I need & wish to thank Hester for bacon sandwiches.

Dundry Bill for carpentry & BBQ !

Special praise must be directed to Probes  & Rich Lucas and Mark Andow for setting up the job & making it work not to mention the digging !

Steve Andow is  Duracell man ! non stop until job finished .

Spindle .. 2 hours sleep & still turned & worked for the cause.

Colin Perry, Colin Clarke and Gary Ricketts being just  another example of sheer determination and hard work together with all the players, Rory Thomas, Jake Murry, Chris Holland, Jason Eaton, Chris Bradley, Graham Cheese,  Ben Dauncey, Mike Wallington, Neil Andow, Sam Johnson, Simon Rigg.

Vice Presidents, committee members & Club Directors  who put their time into this successful project …….My sincere & heartfelt thanks “